If I Pitched my Dreams to a Film Studio II

Title: Hats The Movie
Tag-line: All he wanted was a hat, now all he wants…is no hats.
Story-line: Ted needs a hat, he goes to the biggest hat store in town to buy one, but they’re all either ill-fitting, gay looking or just too damn expensive. Further and further into the hat store the man descends until he realizes he’s lost in a Dimension entirley of hats. Will he ever escape?

Title: My Best Friend’s Head is Flat!
Tag-line: When your best friends head is flat, that’s fucked up.
Storyline: Jim returns home after several months away only to discover all is not well. Upon meeting his old best friend Bill he is shocked to find Bill’s head is totally fucking flat. He can’t even wear hats anymore. Jim tries to cook up a scheme to return Bill’s cranium to its classic semi-ovular shape, but if he’s unable to do so, what will he do? Eat dinner off of it? It’s flat enough…

Title: Monsturkey
Tag-line: Part turkey, part monster, all Monsturkey
Storyline: Phil is trapped in a small cage with nothing but a tent, a sleeping bag and…a turkey. The turkey at first appearing innocent enough eventually begins behaving aggressively toward Phil, demanding gifts and tributes from Phil. When Phil fails to provide the Monsturkey with what it requests he is met with acts of Turkey related violence. How long can Phil stay trapped with the Monsturkey?

Also, check this out. Nice.


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