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If I Pitched my Dreams to a Film Studio

Title: Squorca

Tagline: Just when you thought Squids and Orcas couldn’t be combined into one animal…fuck you.

Synopsis: A creature apparently half squid and half orca terrorizes the residents of a lakeside community, who all live in underground mansions. Nick Frost and Tom Wilkinson play father/son fishermen who spear-fish giant frogs (spear-frogging?). When Tom Wilkinson is killed by the Squorca, the task to destroy the underwater abomination falls on Nick Frosts shoulders.


Title: The Giant Rabbit that Talked Two Kids into Strapping Iguanas to Their Feet and Floating Above Rivers With Balloons.

Tagline: What the fuck?

Synopsis: A pair of young twins happen upon a giant talking rabbit. The rabbit convinces the children to accompany him on a magical journey. Little are any of them aware that the dangers of this journey will lead them all to make water-skis out of iguanas. Water-skis they eventually wind up not even using, because they find these magic fucking balloons that they can fly with.


Title: Human Beans

Tag-line: Jelly Filled Terror.

Synopsis: The world’s most prominent Jelly Bean afficionado is invited to tour the largest Jelly Bean factory in existance. Upon his arrival, however, he finds the factory mysteriously abandoned. Trapped in a Jelly Bean ware-house, amongst stacks of Jelly Beans hanging from rafters, our hero begins to suspect that he’s not alone in this jelly-bean wonderland, but that something or someone hidden amongst the jelly-beans is stalking him, awaiting its time to strike.

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